Search for courses taught by the New Zealand School of Music.

You can search all available New Zealand School of Music courses on the online course finder.


All courses have a NZSM subject code and a three digit course code.

  • CMPO: Composition
  • MUSC: Music Studies
  • PERF: Performance
  • NZSM: NZSM specific courses (400 level and above)

The first digit denotes the level (eg 1 = 100, 2 = 200 ... ). The remainder identifies the specific course.

All courses have a title, a course description and a points value. For example—MUSC 106 Music, Culture, Experience (20 points).

Independent study projects

Independent Study Projects (ISPs) are available under exceptional circumstances and must be approved by the Head of School, NZSM. Students wishing to enrol in instrumental or vocal second study courses must also apply using the NZSM ISP application form.

Several codes are reserved for independent study at 400 level.

Independent study involves focused individual work with a supervisor on a topic that lies outside the subjects taught in classes that year. Only in exceptional circumstances is this form of independent study approved:

  • the student must put together a compelling case for a particular project that is crucial to their future study plans
  • the project must be able to be supervised by an existing member of staff
  • the application must be recommended by the relevant programme director
  • and it must be approved by the Head of School, NZSM.

Students wishing to enrol in an instrumental or vocal second study course must also complete the ISP application form, in addition to passing an audition.

If you’re interested in independent study courses, talk to your programme director or the postgraduate coordinator in the first instance.

To apply you will need to complete an ISP application form and forward this to a school administrator to begin the application approval process.