Lifting public sector performance

In 2009, the State Services Commission (SSC) launched its Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) to help senior leaders improve state sector agencies’ performances.

Last year, the SSC commissioned Victoria’s School of Government to review the PIF’s progress.

Over several months, 10 Victoria researchers surveyed 430 public sector employees and interviewed key respondents from across 35 state sector agencies to assess the PIF’s value and impact.

Dr Barbara Allen, a senior lecturer in Public Management, was the lead author of the review, published earlier this year.

“Our research enabled us to give an independent assessment of how the PIF is contributing to the Government’s objectives. Against the backdrop of similar interventions overseas, we also provided some evidence of what works and recommended actions for further improvement.

“It’s been a major project for the School and it’s having real impact across the sector. The PIF is proven to be a successful and credible performance improvement tool, and this review will help make it even better.”