Leading innovators to explore new technologies at Creative Futures

Creative industry leaders will offer inspiration and exploration of cutting-edge digital technologies at Creative Futures 2019.

Creative Futures event in 2019
The Creative Futures event in 2019 will feature creative industry experts speaking about new digital technologies and their use.

The event will showcase new technologies and their application in creative fields, business and future daily life through demonstrations, discussions and workshops.

It will be held on Friday and Saturday, 25-26 October, at the University’s Miramar Creative Centre, the Roxy Cinema, and Park Road Post Production.

“Aotearoa New Zealand is a world leader across a broad range of technological innovation, especially in areas related to creative production,” says Associate Professor Douglas Easterly, Head of the University’s School of Design.

“Creative Futures is a celebration of the fact that Wellington is the capital for creativity, not just government. The industry and academic leaders featured will speak to their own creative endeavours and aspirations, as well as their visions for the future, with the aim of sparking interest and inspiration, and offering networking opportunities to all of our participants.”

Among the creative luminaries speaking at the event are American film and television producer Mark Ordesky, best known for executive producing The Lord of the Rings trilogy, founders of award-winning UK creative company Anagram, Amy Rose and May Abdalla, and Sir Richard Taylor (Co-founder and Creative Director at Weta Workshop).

An interactive exhibition will be hosted by the Roxy Cinema throughout the event, allowing participants to engage directly with the technologies being discussed.

The exhibits include an exclusive look at the latest Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders mixed reality game from Magic Leap, costumes from Weta Workshop, and a Matariki VR experience created by Flying Saucer Films.

“We’re giving our audience the opportunity to understand and experience the ways in which new technologies will affect our lives in the future. We firmly believe that practical, hands-on interaction is one of the best ways to learn and share,” says Kristy Grant, Director of Miramar Creative Limited.

For more information and to book tickets to the various activities, visit www.miramarcreative.nz