Operating within the water balance of a given place and climate.


Our intent

  • Work in harmony with the natural water flows of the site and its surroundings.
  • Supply 100% of our water needs by captured rain or other closed-loop water systems and/or by recycling used water.
  • Treat and manage storm water and water discharge onsite, including grey and black water, through reuse, a closed loop system, or infiltration.

The relationship between wai (water) and whenua (land) is that one sustains the other. Wai is about human wellbeing and connects us to our wairua (spirituality). It's in trees, concrete, and walls. It's 77% of the earth's surface. We grow food from it. It's in our blood and DNA. It enables life. Why is it so taken for granted?

Image: Above Victoria University of Wellington's Kelburn campus, the headwaters of Kumutoto Stream were culverted in 1866. The stream has this brief open-air existence near Salamanca Road before it resumes its under city journey and is released into Te Whanganui-a-Tara—Wellington Harbour.