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  • Harsh Tataria

    Developing future Wireless Technologies

    If not for international border restrictions, many of us would be travelling to visit family, going on a holiday or, in the case of alumnus Harsh Tataria, returning to Sweden to receive a research grant from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet).

  • Professor Richard Arnold and Professor Bing Xue

    Navigating the information avalanche

    How do you make sense of unstructured data? If a medical centre captures data for over 5000 patients in a random manner, how do you identify recurring patterns? Or how do you gather meaningful insights about earthquakes from a number of unlabelled records including variables like magnitude, depth and location?

  • Rashina Hoda

    Human-e Software

    Recently named as one of Science & Technology Australia’s #SuperstarsofSTEM, alumna Rashina Hoda’s research focuses on the human and social aspects of software engineering.