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  • Sharon Gao

    Cracking the code

    Xiaoying (Sharon) Gao believes programming is an essential skill everyone should learn—and her aim is to make it accessible to all.

  • Pravin Vaz

    Tinkering with tech

    Pravin Vaz spends his days immersed in digital technology and as natural as he may make it look, for him it’s about making up for lost time.

  • Harsh Tataria

    Developing future Wireless Technologies

    If not for international border restrictions, many of us would be travelling to visit family, going on a holiday or, in the case of alumnus Harsh Tataria, returning to Sweden to receive a research grant from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet).

  • Professor Richard Arnold and Professor Bing Xue

    Navigating the information avalanche

    How do you make sense of unstructured data? If a medical centre captures data for over 5000 patients in a random manner, how do you identify recurring patterns? Or how do you gather meaningful insights about earthquakes from a number of unlabelled records including variables like magnitude, depth and location?