• A young Chinese woman in a stripy top stands outside in front of a grey building

    Classifying cats and dogs

    How does a self-driving car know what a road sign looks like? Creating a successful AI like the one that operates a self-driving car is a complex process involving many different tasks, and one of the most important of those tasks is image classification.

  • A collage of photos of women.

    The Wh‘Y’ Factor

    Female academics at the School of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) speak about their experiences of working in a traditionally male domain and emerging opportunities for women in technology.

  • Smiling woman stands in front of screen of code

    Trailblazing for women in tech

    New alumna Aleisha Amohia tells us how she conquered a conjoint degree, a job as a developer, and two years as the President of the University’s Women in Tech group.

  • Man sits holding probes to a Mars Rover vehicle

    A year with the Mars Rover

    Not many students get to say they built the Mars Rover over the summer, but that’s exactly the project Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering graduate James Barrett dived into last November and completed throughout his Honours year.