In response to COVID-19, changes have been made to GP, nurse, and counsellor appointments and prescription medication services.

What alert level 2 will look like at Student Health and Student Counselling (Mauri Ora).

We don't want to lose ground on the gains that New Zealand has made, with the protection of both students and staff a priority. Therefore, at level 2 we will continue with infection control and distancing precautions.

What this means is:

  • We will continue to deliver the majority of our Health and Counselling services online or by phone.
  • Services will continue to be available to students who cannot return to Wellington and are living elsewhere in New Zealand.
  • From Monday 18 May, Student Health and Student Counselling (Mauri Ora) will provide some in-person counselling, doctor, and nurse appointments at Kelburn.


  • You can continue to book routine phone appointments with your GP by calling 04 463 5308.
  • Telephone triage remains available for urgent on the day requests.
  • In person services such as immunisations, ongoing depo contraception, B12, and testosterone injections and cervical smears can be booked by support staff directly by calling 04 463 5308.
  • For other appointment requests, where an in-person consultation may be required, you will first be offered a telephone triage appointment with a nurse or doctor to determine if you need to come in.
  • Prescription requests for your medication should continue to be requested using the Student Health (Mauri Ora) online form.


  • You can continue to book video and phone counselling sessions by calling 04 463 5308.
  • Duty counselling appointments (on the day) will continue to be by phone only and remain available to students across the country.
  • If you are currently seeing a counsellor and require an in-person counselling session then please discuss your needs with your counsellor.
  • If you are not currently seeing a counsellor and require an in-person counselling session then please discuss this with our reception team. Availability will be limited so the waiting time for an in-person session may be longer than for phone and video counselling.

Attending an on-site appointment

  • All appointments will be held at the Kelburn campus practice.
  • Tell us if you have a cough, runny/blocked nose, sore throat, fever, or are newly breathless. If you have any of these symptoms, do not come into the building without phoning first.
  • If you have a mask, please feel free to wear it.
  • Try not to arrive early for your appointment to keep time spent at Mauri Ora to a minimum.
  • If you do arrive early for your appointment, please wait outside if you can. Don’t enter the building until the time of your appointment.
  • Please check in with the support staff member at the door.
  • You may be asked to wait outside so please dress for the weather and respect physical distancing. Your clinician will call you when they are ready to see you.
  • Use the hand sanitiser on entry.
  • Remember your 2 metre spacing—some parts of the waiting room will be blocked off.

Repeat medication

If you require repeat medication, you can make all requests through our online prescription form (this includes requests for anti-depressants and controlled medication). Please order well in advance to ensure we have adequate time to process your prescription. If you have run out of medication, call Student Health during business hours on 04 463 5308. If we need to discuss your prescription we will call you.

Screening tests

Our ability to request certain tests is reduced. Your clinician will discuss what this means for you as required.


The Influenza, MMR, Meningitis and HPV vaccinations are all available. Please call 04 463 5308 to make an appointment.


Information for students about Victoria University of Wellington's response to COVID-19 is available at COVID-19 information for students in New Zealand and COVID-19 information for students overseas.

We understand that this continues to be a worrying time for all students, particularly those with high health needs. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your health or wellbeing —call 04 463 5308.

At Student Health we continue to enrol new patients, so if you are a current student make sure you register.

We will continue to provide updated information on our website and on social media channels.