The changing world of work

Changes in the nature of work and employment are reflected in Victoria’s decision to rename its Industrial Relations Centre.

Now known as the Centre for Labour, Employment and Work (CLEW), current research projects focus on issues such as high performance work practices, worker experiences, regulation of work and employment, flexible work arrangements and the future of work and workplaces, including areas of insecure work and the ageing workforce.

“Relationships between employers and employees, and how people organise their work and employment relationships, has changed dramatically since 1970 when our centre was established,” says Dr Stephen Blumenfeld, the director of CLEW, which is based in the School of Management at Victoria Business School.

“We will continue to have collective bargaining and union membership as a core area of research and public education, but research into the dynamics of the workplace and how workplaces can best be managed and structured to be productive and healthy is now emerging as a major focus.”