Pipitea campus and protest activity

Police have now cleared protestors and their structures from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington’s Pipitea campus.

However, the campus remains closed at this time while clean-up operations are underway and until it is safe to reopen. The University will continue to work with Police, Wellington City Council, and Heritage New Zealand during this time.

University Security, Health and Safety, and Property Services teams have been able to access the site to begin assessing the damage and the clean-up required. Once their work is completed the University will undertake a full risk assessment to ensure it is safe for staff and students to return to campus. The campus will be closed during the assessment, which is anticipated to take at least a week.

“While it is disheartening to see the mess and damage caused by protesters, we are very appreciative of the efforts of Police, Fire and Emergency, and our own security staff in safeguarding our Pipitea campus. The many expressions of goodwill from around Wellington and our University community have also been very encouraging—this has been a frustrating and stressful time for our staff and students,” says Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford.

Access to the campus will need to be controlled for some time.

“While we are looking forward to resuming our teaching and learning activities at Pipitea campus, we have a lot of work to do before we can make that decision,” says Professor Guilford.

Questions about the protest and the next steps for the Parliament precinct should be directed to Police and the Wellington City Council.