The Autism Clinic—Te Rāngai Takiwātanga

The Autism Clinic—Te Rāngai Takiwātanga has been established at Victoria University of Wellington to evaluate best practice early interventions for young children with autism in New Zealand.

Run by Dr Hannah Waddington in the School of Education, with the support of Professor Jeff Sigafoos, the Clinic works with children under the age of five who have, or are suspected of having, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), their families and whānau, caregivers and teachers. It also works with therapists and other health professionals.

Established in partnership with the Autism Intervention Trust, Autism NZ and the IHC Foundation, the Autism Clinic—Te Rāngai Takiwātanga aims to bridge the gap between research into early intervention therapies—such as the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)—and the practical use of this research.

Dr Waddington says, “The ESDM is a play-based behavioural therapy which shows huge promise in the support of young children with, or suspected of having, ASD. Through fun, naturalistic interactions with parents, caregivers, and therapists, the ESDM can accelerate learning and skill development for these children.”

The Clinic offers parent coaching playgroups, one-on-one therapy, and workshops.

Find out more on The Autism Clinic website.