Alina Haider

Adaptive Coping Strategies to Improve Outcomes in Ambivalent Work Relationships

Alina Haider, PhD Student in  Human Resources and Employment Relations
Alina Haider, PhD Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations


Office: PhD Office, Level 1, Rutherford House, Pipitea campus, Wellington 6011

Supervisors: Dr Geoff Plimmer, Dr Jane Bryson, and Dr Arun Elias


My research aims to study the coping mechanisms that people adopt to deal with the stresses of ambivalent workplace relationships. Ambivalent relationships are those wherein partners are simultaneously sources of both positivity and negativity for an individual. I aim to explore the effects of such relationships on people's well-being and their engagement with work. Further, I seek to understand what is an adaptive versus maladaptive way of coping within such relationships. Through my study, I hope to identify the coping strategies that enable good versus bad individual outcomes.


BSc Physics, University of Delhi, India

Grad Dip International Relations, University of London, UK

MBA, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Research Interests

Work relationships, emotions, well-being, behaviour, work engagement

Research Publication

Elias, A.A., Gupta, M., & Haider, A. (2022). Analysing environmental conflicts using the evaporating cloud tool. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management DOI: 10.1080/14486563.2022.2068686