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Associate Professor School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies


Teaching in 2020

Research interests

Young adult fiction, contemporary and late Victorian; poetry and poetics; the Gothic genre and the uncanny.


MA Auckland
DPhil Oxford

Current research projects

Girlhood and the Gothic. I am interested in the role of the uncanny in literature for or about girls, considering the significance of canniness or self-possession for the heroines of these works, and the relation of self-possession to various forms of possession or types of possessions.

Forms of lyricism: poetry and genre in the twenty-first century. A study of some of the genres of poetry practised today, particularly some of the less likely and less contemporary genres – such as the ode, the epistle, the pastoral – and genres that may seem to be doing something other than the work of the lyric, such as verse biography, documentary, history, and essay.

The idea of the pastoral in particular currently informs my own thinking about poetry, the form my own poetry might take and the role poetry might play for readers and practitioners. The pastoral poetry of the Renaissance moved conversations out of the city, but kept the dialogic energy and dramatic context for the metaphysical, romantic and political issues the poetry explored. In the same way, the aesthetic space of poetry continues to offer some distance not only from the material world but from the civic space of the internet, a space nevertheless open to the conversations going on in those other places.

Areas of supervision

I supervise graduate work in Gothic literary studies, children’s literature and poetry.

Recent publications

“Clodia Through the Looking Glass,” in Antipodean Antiquities, ed. Marguerite Johnson, Bloomsbury, January 2019

“Children’s Gothic: Wolves in walls and clocks in crocodiles” in Gothic and the Arts, ed. David Punter, Edinburgh University Press, August 2019

AUP New Poets 5: Rebecca Hawkes, Carolyn DeCarlo, Sophie van Waardenberg (edited, and wrote the preface), August 2019

Recent creative work

The Bedmaking Competition, Seizure Press, Sydney.  September 2018.

Pasture and Flock: New and Selected Poems (Auckland University Press, 2018)


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Teaching in 2020