Nikki Hessell

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Associate Professor School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies


Teaching in 2020

Research interests

Eighteenth-century and Romantic literature, and journalism and literature


MA Victoria
PhD Toronto

Current research projects

I have recently completed Romantic Literature and the Colonised World: Lessons from Indigenous Translations (Palgrave, 2018) and I am currently working on a project about Romantic poetry and Indigenous diplomacy.

Areas of supervision

  • 18th century and Romantic literature
  • Journalism and literature
  • Robin Hyde
  • Print culture and book history

Selection of publications


Romantic Literature and the Colonised World: Lessons from Indigenous Translations (Palgrave, 2018)

Literary Authors, Parliamentary Reporters: Johnson, Coleridge, Hazlitt, Dickens (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012)


The Collected Parliamentary Reports of Robin Hyde


  • “John Keats and Indian Medicine,” Romanticism 22.2 (2016): 157-166.
  • "Antipodean Auburns: 'The Deserted Village' and the Colonized World," Modern Philology112.4 (2015): 643-660.
  • “Elegiac Wonder, Intertextuality and The Liberal,” Romanticism 18.3 (2012): 239-249.
  • “Riding the Rails with Robin Hyde: Literary Journalism in 1930s New Zealand.” In John S. Bak and Bill Reynolds, eds, Literary Journalism Across the Globe: Journalistic Traditions and Transnational Influences (Amherst and Boston: University of Massachusetts Press, 2011), 211-24.
  • “William Hazlitt’s ‘The Fight’ and Sports Journalism.” In David Carnegie, Paul Millar, David Norton and Harry Ricketts, eds, Running, Writing, Robinson (Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2011), 276-88.
  • "News and Newspapers: Readers of the Daily Press in Jane Austen's Novels," Persuasions 31 (2009): 248-54.
  • "Romantic Literature and Indigenous Languages: Reading Felicia Hemans in Te Reo Māori," European Romantic Review 20.2 (2009): 261-70.
  • "The 'Rhapsody on Newspapers' and 'Fears in Solitude'," Coleridge Bulletin ns 30 (2007): 27-38.
  • "Novitia the Anti-Novice: Robin Hyde's Parliamentary Reports," in Mary Edmond-Paul, ed., Lighted Windows: Critical Essays on Robin Hyde (Dunedin: Otago University Press, 2008), 151-61.
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  • "Jailhouse Journalism: Leigh Hunt and the Examiner, 1813-1815," Keats-Shelley Journal 54 (2005): 79-92.

Recent publications

  • with Stephen Clothier, "To Mary in Aotearoa: Burns's 'Thou Ling'ring Star' and Scottish Identity in New Zealand." Scottish Literary Review 9.2 (2017): 41-56.


Teaching in 2020