IGPS Budget Analysis examines 2019 Wellbeing Budget in real, per capita terms

The Institute for Governance and Policy Studies (IGPS) has continued, and extended, its annual analysis of the Government Budget to include this year’s Wellbeing Budget.

The spreadsheet (XLSX, 241KB) contains details of past and projected spending, disaggregated by each of the main areas of government expenditure (‘functional classifications’). In addition to the nominal figures, the analysis adjusts the Budget 2019 proposed spending in each area for projected changes in prices and in population, so as to provide an indication of real spending per person. These forecast spending numbers are also compared to the planned spending in Budget 2017 and Budget 2018.

The methodology used is explained in the spreadsheet under ‘methodology and data limitations’. If you have any queries about using this data, please contact Toby Moore.

In addition, researchers involved in this IGPS analysis have also published a number of analytical commentaries on different aspects of the Budget. These can be found in the links below: