2020 News

  • A still from Bryer's video

    A 'fresh' perspective on linguistics

    For Bryer Oden, a summer research scholarship was a chance for her to explore further her love of linguistics and prepare for her Master’s programme.

  • Three Sisters in the bubble

    One moment, they were rehearsing Anton Chekhov’s seminal Three Sisters for the first time, the next moment New Zealand went into lockdown and the world was spun on its head for Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington THEA301 students, who had been readying themselves for a choreographed production of Russian theatre.

  • NZELTO class

    Learning English ‘bubble’ style

    The 53rd Intake of New Zealand’s English Language Training for Officials (NZELTO) Asia programme found themselves in lockdown in New Zealand away from family and friends, studying online. Despite this they made a great effort to continue to study and engage in New Zealand life.

  • An image of VicBooks – closed with a sign that reads “closed until further notice, stay safe everyone”.

    Living through history: COVID-19

    With history happening right in front of them, Professor Charlotte Macdonald invited her HIST 316 students to blog about their experiences during COVID-19.

  • Photo credit: Mark Beatty, National Library

    Bringing taonga into the future

    New Zealand’s historical treasures should be actively connected to the future as much as they provide a natural link with the past.

  • Photo credit: ©HD/Alban Kakulya

    Making history

    Following his interests has led alumnus Dr David Harland into a career at the heart of war, in order to negotiate peace.

  • An online intern

    COVID-19 has changed the way many of us learn and work. A group of students at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington are at the forefront of adapting to a changing world as they undertake internships online next trimester.

  • The southern adventures of the 70th regiment

    It’s a meandering, fascinating story that involves Taranaki, India, Auckland, Dunedin, war, gold and a bunch of soldiers who spent a lot of time drunk or trying to desert.