August 2020 edition of Tourism News out now

The August 2020 edition of Tourism News from the Tourism Management Group is now available.

In this edition we highlight a variety of updates:

  • Staff excellence awards
  • Destination Recovery: Tourism statistics in Tunisia
  • Our successful webinar series
  • How the tourism programme began
  • Farwell to Luisa
  • The Special Tourism Employability programme
  • Supporting PhD students globally
  • Chris Roberts on COVID-19
  • Introducing Diana Kham
  • Research article one of the most downloaded in journal's history
  • Poroporoaki (Farewell) Johnny Edmonds
  • Introducing Jake Downing
  • A reluctant goodbye — Judy Chen
  • Exploring sustainable development in Brazil
  • TINZT scholarship winner Rochelle Tait on 'finding a place for yourself'
  • Learning and teaching through COVID-19
  • How COVID-19 will impact Brazil’s tourism sector
  • Climate Change Think Tank
  • French (Polynesian) connections
  • A forthcoming keynote
  • In the press
  • Recent publications.

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