Prize details

Noel Ryder Prize


$500 (subject to available funds)

Closing date:

No application required


The prize is awarded to a student attending 200-level Physics classes which involve both theoretical and laboratory work.


This prize was established in memory of Noel Vincent Ryder, Senior Lecturer in Physics 1947-1958. It arises from a fund subscribed in 1959 by his friends, to which Victoria University of Wellington added a like amount. The prize fund was later increased by further donations.

The prize is awarded to the best student of the year attending 200-level Physics classes. It is awarded on the recommendation of the Head of the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences.

If in any year the income from the fund or any part thereof is not expended, it shall be added to the fund.

Recipients are encouraged to use the prize money to purchase a book, or books.

Recipients will be asked to write a letter of thanks, which will be forwarded appropriately.