Prize details

Body/Harris Prize for the Performance of a New Zealand Composition


The prize will be valued at $500 if the winner is a single performer, and $1,000, divided equally, if a duo or ensemble wins the prize. In the latter case there is a non-binding expectation that the balance of the value of the prize will be made up from a portion of the annual grant made by the Lilburn Trust to the New Zealand School of Music, or by additional funding from the Lilburn Trust.

Closing date:

Competition entries are to be made directly through the NZ School of Music.


  • Applicant performers for the prize must be current students of the New Zealand School of Music. They may be studying at any level within the School, but do not have to be currently studying Performance.
  • If a candidate is a vocalist, they may have a professional accompanist.
  • Performers of any New Zealand composition are eligible for the Prize, not only those submitted for the composers' competition.
  • However, there is an expectation that one or more of the works submitted for the composers' competition will be recommended by the judging panel of that competition for entry to the performers' competition.
  • The New Zealand composition performed may be of any age.
  • Each entry should be between 4-10 minutes in length.
  • Submissions are to be made directly to the New Zealand School of Music.


The winner of the prize will be selected by a judging panel comprising two performance staff and one composition staff member from the New Zealand School of Music.

The prize will be made annually provided the judges deem there to be a suitable winner.

The selection will be made at a performance competition around October each year.

Recipients will be asked to write a letter of appreciation to the donor.