Sarah Taggart

Sarah will write a madness novel and examine Canadian and Kiwi madness novels from critical disability, queer studies and mad studies perspectives.

Commenced 2020

Sarah's short stories have appeared in Canadian literary magazines. She holds a BFA from the University of Victoria (in Victoria, Canada) and an MFA from the University of Saskatchewan. She has also worked in book, literary journal, magazine and newspaper publishing.

Sarah writes: 'The creative part of my project will be a madness novel tentatively titled "Reunion Island". The novel will help me to conceptualize the scholarly component of my work by asking how a writer with lived experience authors a mad story.

'My scholarly work is situated at the intersection of queer, critical disability, and mad studies and foregrounds the lived experience of psychiatrization in the examination of novels and memoirs written by individuals who have encountered psychiatry. To that end, my overarching research question is: what insights can we gain by approaching mad narratives from a mad studies perspective, namely one that acknowledges authors’ lived experience of (often forced) psychiatrization? Second, to what extent do madness narratives intersect with issues of otherness and identity that link madness and queerness?

'My research will include considerations of madness narratives (memoirs and novels) written by Canadian and Kiwi writers.'