Teaching resources

Ako-related resources for teaching Māori students or Māori content.

Sustainable Development Goals posters

Te reo Māori and English posters for each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

SDGs in te reo Māori.

Guide to teaching māori content in University courses

A guide about how to incorporate Māori content and concepts into university courses. Hard copies are available from the Centre of Academic Development.

Tikanga tips for learning and teaching

A guide on socially acceptable behaviour in Māoridom related to teaching and learning plus the reasons behind the tikanga.

Te reo Māori pronunciation guide

Learn to pronounce Māori words correctly and you will become more confident using them. Find out how to say Māori vowels, consonants and digraphs here.

Kura for Android

Learn Māori via a fun gaming app. Designed by lecturers at Victoria University of Wellington, this free app is useful for those with some proficiency in Māori language who wish to gain more. To download the app for Android, or for Apple go to iTunes and search for ‘Kura’.

Māori dictionary

A comprehensive dictionary that also contains examples of usage and grammatical explanations.

Tōku Reo—Language learning series

Language learning show using online tests and downloadable videos. Full show includes native speakers, role-play and visual learning aides.

Te Kawa a Māui Atlas

A google maps database of student research in Te Kawa a Māui courses.

Project Mātauranga—Science innovation series

Online videos from the television series on Māori science innovation that combines traditional Māori knowledge with modern day science.

Teaching and learning for success for Māori in tertiary settings

A summary guide prepared by Ako Aotearoa that highlights key success factors for Māori in tertiary education

Ako Panuku—Learning resources

An organisation designed to enhance the professionalism and expertise of Māori teachers. It has resources for all subject areas and informational videos. The resources were produced for high school teachers but some content is still relevant to tertiary teachers and the website features many learning links to other websites.

Māori wellbeing assessment model

Literacy Aotearoa and Te Wāhanga, NZCER publication containing a kaupapa Māori wellbeing assessment model. The model demonstrates the link between literacy learning and wellbeing for Māori learners.

Mind the gap: Video resources for teaching and learning

A project funded by Ako Aotearoa that contains many resources to guide and enhance teaching in adult learning contexts. Resources on Māori teaching pedagogy and Māori learners are available.

Simpā—A very useful toolkit

A resource for teaching Māori history in an interactive way the toolkit merges Māori history and computer gaming technology.

Critical success factors and effective pedagogy for e-learning in tertiary education

Paper describing effective teaching and learning practices for e-learning in the tertiary environment with the objective of enhancing learning outcomes for Māori e-learners. Sections 6 and 7 contain content specifically related to Māori e-learning.