Amplifier brings people together through 1:1 video speed networking, building genuine relationships.

Headshot of Amplifier founder, Casey Davies Bell.

Amplifier is a virtual event platform to build relationships. With the global shift to virtual events, people aren’t getting the opportunity to build genuine connections.

Amplifier Founder and CEO, Casey Davies-Bell, says this is because relationships are best formed 1:1, but virtual events default 1:All.

“Our virtual event platform allows event hosts to put attendees into 1:1 speed networking to build relationships and share contact details. The magic of the product is combining passive and active smart matching.”

Amplifier’s passive smart matching allows hosts and attendees to influence who they are matched with based on their profile and interests using tags (e.g. student to mentor).

Active matching allows attendees to override their line up by upvoting other attendees that want to be matched with. Attendees can also make 'suggestions' that help build line-ups for who they were just talking with, much like a warm intro.

The platform is already making a big impact, with founders from organisations such as CodeLingo, Kohā Organics, and Swiped On building meaningful networks.

Casey says the platform allows people to share the great things they are doing with a wider audience, and provides opportunity for collaboration. “Communities have great people doing epic things ̶ but they often don’t know each other,” says Casey. “It’s a discovery problem and untapped value for the members.”

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