Listen: Raqi Syed interviewed for Command Line Heroes

Raqi Syed, programme director for the Master of Design Technology at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington's Miramar Creative Centre, was interviewed on the podcast Command Line Heroes on the history of computer graphics and special effects.

Listen to the podcast here

Programme notes:

Sometimes an inventor designs a device for a specific purpose. Sometimes it’s to try something new. But successful inventions often shape industries beyond those they initially intended. Dr. Marc Hannah built an invention with far bigger effects than anyone could have imagined—like bringing dinosaurs to life, building liquid robots, and letting the Titanic set sail one more time.

Raqi Syed gives some context with the evolution of special effects in the movie industry. Mark Grossman explains how the graphics world was more than ready for an upgrade. Tom Davis recounts the difficulties that he and his team had getting people to understand what was possible with the Geometry Engine. Luckily, Steve “Spaz” Williams defied his bosses and showed them its power to bring worlds to life, starting with the world of Jurassic Park. Camille Cellucci explains that from then on, everything changed for the movie industry—and for the broader world of graphics.