Withdrawing from exchange

Withdrawal process

If you have been accepted to the Wellington Global Exchange programme and wish to withdraw, there is a process you need to follow.

This withdrawal process is in line with the Victoria University of Wellington Fees Statute and deadlines.

Notify the Global Exchange Coordinator

Notify the Global Exchange Coordinator as soon as possible about your intention to withdraw by sending an email to student-exchange@vuw.ac.nz. We recommend you meet with the Wellington Global Exchange team to get help and discuss the issues you may be facing before making the final decision.

Complete the withdrawal survey

Complete the Wellington Global Exchange withdrawal survey to officially withdraw from the programme. The Wellington Global Exchange team will then officially withdraw your application and notify the host university.

Repay the travel grant

Repay the Global Exchange grant If you have already received this. Extenuating circumstances in accordance to the University's fees reconsideration policy will be taken in to consideration as to whether this will be enforced (e.g. serious personal illness or injury, or serious personal circumstances). Official documentation supporting your reason for withdrawing is required, e.g. doctors/counsellors certificate, death certificate.

Liaise with your Faculty

Liaise directly with your Faculty or Faculties to withdraw from your exchange code (if you have already been enrolled in it).

Inform StudyLink and Student Finance

Inform StudyLink and Student Finance of your withdrawal if you have already submitted the StudyLink overseas study application form or if you have withdrawn late, as this may impact your eligibility for a Student Loan.

Late withdrawal

If you withdraw from your exchange after the free withdrawal period, you may be charged the respective tuition fees.

If you withdraw late due to extenuating circumstances and wish to apply for fees reconsideration, you must follow the fees reconsideration procedure and liaise with the relevant Faculty to apply for a fees reconsideration. In this case, you will be required to complete an application form and attach a written statement explaining your circumstances as well as official documentation supporting your reasons for withdrawing. The Faculty Manager will consider whether you are eligible for a full or partial refund.

After you withdraw

After completing the withdrawal process, you will be responsible for selecting courses at Victoria University of Wellington to enrol in with your relevant Faculty for the next available trimester. If you wish to go on exchange at a later date, you must resubmit a Wellington Global Exchange application in full to be considered in a future selection round.