Media Studies research interests

Browse the research interests of staff in the Media Studies programme.

Anita Brady

Gender, sexuality, and media cultures and texts; Queer theories and representations of ‘queer”; Celebrity studies; Gender, sexuality and New Zealand media

Angi Buettner

Media and the public sphere; Environmentalism; New media; Cultural theory

Michael Daubs

Mobile and ubiquitous media; Media and social movements; Fake news; Media and white extremism; White nationalism in the network society; Social media; Interactive media; Visual culture; Media aesthetics; Political economy of media; Digital media and culture; Media convergence and remediation; Mediatisation

Joost de Bruin

Television studies; Audience studies; Youth and media; Popular culture; Media representation; Globalisation and media

Trisha Dunleavy

Television studies; TV institutions and industries (New Zealand, British and American paradigms); TV drama; TV documentary, comedy, and popular factual programming; New Zealand film institutions, industry and the 'NZ domiciled' feature film

Trisha Dunleavy

Minette Hillyer

Media historiography, particularly moving image, New Zealand film and media studies, pre-1950; Domesticity, amateurism, and labour; Media and everyday life; Cultural theory

Kathleen Kuehn

Digital and social media; Surveillance; Digital labour; Creative labour; Branding and consumer culture; Political economy of media

Cherie Lacey

Technology and subjectivity; Affect and emotion; Digital wellbeing; Human-computer interaction; Privacy and design

Jo Smith

Media representations of race and cultural identity; New Zealand film and media studies; Postcolonial theory; Indigenous film and media; Digital visual culture

Jo Smith

Geoff Stahl

Cultural production in the city; Social relations and systems of representation, associated with urban creative labour; Advertising; Semiotics; Cultural economies; Popular music; Cultural geography; Social networks; Urban studies

Peter Thompson

Political economy and cultural economy of media; Public media policy, especially public service issues, funding mechanisms, and New Zealand policy developments since 1989; Media, communication, and informational aspects of financial markets; Media and globalisation, especially in respect to financial markets

Douglas Van Belle

Media and Crisis; News Media and International Disaster Response and Policy; Media and Foreign Policy; Science Fiction, Science and Society; Global Media Freedom

Doug Van Belle