North Pole South Pole

In this engaging narrative, Gillian Turner describes how scientists struggled for centuries to understand Earth’s magnetism – from ancient Greeks fascinated with magnetised rocks to modern geophysicists who finally discovered the truth – including the almost unbelievable finding that every million years or so, Earth’s magnetic field does a complete flip.

North Pole, South Pole provides an extraordinary window into science and the brilliance of the human mind. For Turner, it is the culmination of a dream. ‘It’s hard to imagine a more exciting science story,’ she says. ‘Ever since I first became interested in Earth’s magnetic field, I’ve thought it would make a terrific book – and not just for people interested in science. It’s really a story about human curiosity, and people obsessed with cracking a mystery.’

M.E. (Ted) Evans, Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, University of Alberta, comments, "This book is a compelling narrative of the two-thousand-year scientific struggle to unlock the innermost secrets of the cosmic speck of dust we call home. It is engagingly written in a lively style accessible to all."

North Pole, South Pole: The Epic Quest to Solve the Great Mystery of Earth’s Magnetism, by Gillian Turner is available in bookshops and online from Awa Press (New Zealand) and The Experiment (USA).