Direct Graduate Entry Scholarship - School of Government

Scholarship level: All postgraduate
Closing date(s): Apply directly
Tenure: Four trimesters
Number offered: Approximately five; dependant on funds available
Value: $10,000 towards course fees. Conditions will apply


These scholarships have been established by the Victoria University of Wellington School of Government to assist students selected for direct entry from a Bachelor degree into the Master of Public Management (MPM) or Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree.


Applicants for the Direct Graduate Entry Scholarship must have been accepted as a Direct Graduate Entry full-time student in either the MPP or MPM.

Application process

Application is made through the application for Direct Graduate Entry admission to the MPP or MPM degree. In addition to the normal application requirements, applicants interested in the scholarship must provide two letters of reference and an expression of interest (EOI). The EOI must indicate interest in applying for the scholarship.

In order to be processed in a timely fashion, applications are due by 20 Jan 2023.

Selection process

Selection will be competitive and will be based on academic achievement, interest and commitment to public and community service, and the potential to work effectively in the public sector. Shortlisted applicants may also be interviewed.

Regulations and conditions

  1. A completed online application for admission to the MPP or MPM, with all required documents, must be submitted by 4.30 pm on the closing date.
  2. Applicants who are accepted for direct graduate entry following the closing date will be considered for the Scholarship.
  3. The Scholarship is conditional upon the recipient being fully enrolled in a full-year programme (full-time will be at the level of points considered by Studylink as full-time) within the stipulated criteria and tenure of the scholarship. No payment of the Scholarship will be made until this condition is met.
  4. The Scholarship cannot be deferred to a later year.
  5. The Scholarship may be held in conjunction with other awards.
  6. Should the recipient withdraw from Victoria University of Wellington during the tenure of this scholarship or fail to achieve a satisfactory progress, partial repayment of the Scholarship will normally be expected. Recipients must advise the Scholarships Office if they intend to withdraw.


For more information please contact (04) 463 6599 or email: