Toorpaki Ulfat Human Rights Prize


The prize was established in 2022 in memory of Ms Toorpaki Ulfat, who was killed by unknown gunmen on 12 October 2015 in Kandahar, Afghanistan, while on her way to work with the United Nations. The prize was established via the Victoria University Foundation by University alumna Dr Sukanya Mohan Das, a colleague and friend of Ms Ulfat.

Ms Ulfat was a courageous and respected gender rights activist and human rights defender whose commitment was not dimmed by the challenging sociocultural and security environment in which she worked. She represented the best of what Afghan youth have to offer, and her ideals and enthusiasm were an inspiration to her colleagues and to the many people whose lives she touched.

The prize is awarded on the recommendation of the Head of School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations in consultation with the INTP 363 course coordinator and the Head of Programme in Political Science and International Relations.

In any given year, the prize may be shared between a maximum of two students.

The names of the students awarded this prize will be inscribed on the Honours Board at the premises of the School and on the School’s website.

The value of the prize in any year shall be determined after consideration of the income from funds held by the University’s Development Office. If in any year the prize is not awarded, the prize funds shall be retained for use in subsequent years.

Recipients will be asked to write a letter of appreciation, which will be forwarded appropriately.


$500 (subject to available funds)


No application required.


The prize is awarded to the top student in the Political Science and International Relations Programme’s undergraduate course in human rights (INTP 363).