The New Zealand Institute of International Affairs Prize in International Relations


This prize was established at Victoria University of Wellington in 2014 by the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs. It encourages and recognises undergraduate excellence in the study of international relations, consistent with the Institute's long-standing commitment to enhancing New Zealanders' understanding of international issues.

The prize is awarded on the recommendation of the Head of the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations in consultation with the academic staff and Head of Programme in Political Science and International Relations.

The prize may be shared between a maximum of two students.

Recipients' names will be inscribed on the Honours Board at the premises of the School.

Recipients will be asked to write a letter of thanks, which will be forwarded appropriately.


$500 (subject to available funds)


No application required


The prize is awarded to the student in the Political Science and International Relations Programme who completed the best essay in the first year course (INTP 113) on international relations.