Kristopher Nielsen

Towards an Embodied, Embedded, and Enactive Science of Psychopathology


Kris finished a BA in Philosophy and Psychology in 2014, and entered the Clinical Psyc. and CBNS programs at VUW the following year. After completing his Master’s thesis, a TMS study looking at response inhibition and theories of executive function, Kris has deferred from the clinical program to complete his PhD. His work is focused around a school of thought known as 3e Cognition and how ideas from this area should be used to enrich our understandings of mental disorder. Outside of PhD life Kris enjoys his work as a tutor and TA, and is a member of the VUW Folk Music Club.


BA (Majors in Psychology and Philosophy)
MSc. (Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience)

Research Interests

Explanations of Psychopathology
Philosophy of Science


Nielsen, K., & Ward, T. (in press). Mental Disorder as both Natural and Normative: Developing the Normative Dimension of the 3e Conceptual Framework for Psychopathology. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical PsychologyDOI: 10.1037/teo0000118

Nielsen, K., & Ward, T. (2018). Towards a new conceptual framework for psychopathology: Embodiment, enactivism, and embedment. Theory and

Nielsen, K. (2017). Domain Specific Lateralization of the Frontal Processes Informing Inhibition: A TMS Study (master’s thesis). Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand.

Research Gate

PhD topic

Towards an Embodied, Embedded, and Enactive Science of Psychopathology