Kealagh Robinson

Understanding the Emotional Response of Adolescents

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Kealagh Robinson

Kealagh Robinson

PhD Student
School of Psychology


I am interested in how people experience their emotions, as well as the strategies they use to regulate their emotions. Adolescence is particularly important developmental period for both emotion and emotion regulation. My thesis uses both longitudinal self-report and psychophysiology to understand how adolescents respond to emotional challenges, and how this response then relates to mental health.

My work is part of the Marden-funded project 'Understanding the puzzling relationship between non-suicidal, and suicidal, thoughts and behaviours' led by Prof Marc Wilson.


Masters of Science (Distinction), Psychology, University of Wellington
Bachelors of Science Honours (First Class), Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington.
Bachelors of Science, Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington.

Research Interests

emotion regulation, self-injury, adolescent mental health and wellbeing


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PhD topic

Understanding the Emotional Response of Adolescents


Acting Dean of Science
Wellington Faculty of Science

Deputy Head of School
School of Psychology

Lab Association

Youth and Wellbeing Study - Directed by Professor Marc Wilson

We are a team of researchers and clinicians working towards better understanding the wellbeing of youth and rangatahi in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our research with young people is primarily in secondary schools, where we gather information about how young people are doing, what their needs are, and what resources would be most helpful to them and their communities.

Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience Lab (CAN Lab) - Directed by A/Prof Gina Grimshaw

We study the thought processes and the brain mechanisms that allow us to think, feel, and act. We pursue two lines of research that often intersect. The first concerns how we perceive, interpret, and respond to emotional signals in our environment, and the second concerns how we create meaning when we encounter novel situations.