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Watch our showreel of student work.

The final creative project of the MFA(CP) involves collaboration between Film and Music/Sound students. Many of the resulting films are being submitted to national and international film festivals throughout 2019. Those shown in the showreel here are:

The Other Side of the World
Miya Wang
A dramatic ‘coming-of-age’ story about Lin, an adventurous young girl from Shanghai. She visits her childhood friend, Wei, who has moved to Wellington, New Zealand.

Sneak Freak
Director/Producer Kelsi Gemmell
Sound Design Jimi Wilson
Step into the lucrative and addictive world of sneakers.

Before It Ends
Morgan Clark
Ezra and his friends are about to embark on their new journeys to university in different cities, organising a final weekend away together before they head off. But when Ezra’s father suddenly decides to show an interest in his life, will he be able to utilise his final moments with his friends?

Glory Days
Tomas Clark
In the depths of a suburban Wellington flat, jobless composer Dean is abandoned by his former high school flame, Natalie, after his night of drunken revelry with his bandmates goes too far. A creeping sense of agoraphobia threatens to overwhelm him. Can Dean overcome his childish behaviour and finally take that step out the door before it is too late?

Best Practice
Harriet Burdon
Best Practice is a timely documentary that focuses on five experienced nurses working in a large, regional hospital. Honing in on each nurse as an individual, the film highlights important themes such as mindfulness, death, and community.

Behind the Curtains
Pernille Himmelmoe
In the wake of the #metoo movement, three women of different generations reflect on their lives as female theatre practitioners and share stories of the side of theatre that takes place behind closed curtains.

Scarier than Fiction
Michael Hemming
Scarier than Fiction follows a group of flatmates as they are subject to several horror movie scenarios.

How to Break out of Prison
Huanhuan Zhang
An unsung New Zealand-born author and public speaking guru to prison inmates in the US recounts his struggle with a debilitating stutter in his formative years, leading to a revelation that he’s leveraged to break brutalised people out of their mental prisons.

Cure All
Cora Gu
Composer William Philipson
After a life of constant suffering, a young man is released from his pain.

The Gun
Thom McIntosh
A young man must find the ability within himself to transform a vengeful future of his own making.

Wai Kino
Sophia Robertson
Composer Tahlia Griffis
When police detective Victoria returns to her childhood home in the coastal town or Taumoana Bay, she expects an escape from the trauma of a recent case. Walking the beach, she soon discovers her hometown holds its own dark secrets that threaten to reopen wounds from the past.

Benjamin Geradts
Tahlia Griffis
Stoner to life saver: Balance is a fantasy comedy about the connections and disconnections people make in Wellington.

Night Shift
Jacinda Kumar
Composer Craig Drummond-Nairn
Keira, a young female pharmacist, notices an ostensible morphine addict following her on-board a train to the city. Night Shift serves as a social critique to medical injustice, uncovering the complex socio-economic layers behind what is initially seen as a drug heist.

Shreyas Beltangdy
1347 is an experimental, wordless, science-fiction fantasy. Set in an unspecified time in the faraway future, the film features an army of factory-farmed, soulless, clone ‘serfs’ who exist to work as an easily-dispensable mass workforce for a military-industrial facility.

Juan Nicolas Escobar
Bearing is the story of Emily, a young woman in a wheelchair, who lives with Rita, her aunt. The relationship between the two of them starts to change when Emily downloads a dating app, which ends up bringing some unexpected surprises to their lives and their mindsets.