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Spanish | Español

Find online resources to help you learn and practise Spanish.

For SPAN courses | Para cursos de Español

These websites provide activities which link with course books/courses offered through Victoria University of Wellington.

Aula Internacional
Online resources for the SPAN101 and SPAN102 course texts. Includes videos and additional exercises.

Pasajes 7th Edition
Supplementary materials for SPAN201 / 202. Click on the drop down box at left to access interactive exercises for each chapter.

Language learning hubs | Centros de aprendizaje de idiomas

Instituto Cervantes
A hub of learning resources related to the Spanish language and culture in Spanish. Try their level test here.

Free lessons online and exercises + virtual report card if you want to monitor your progress.

Spanish Language and Culture
Comprehensive language practice with interactive activities based on stories, songs and poems from Spain and Latin America - from Barbara Kuckzun Nelson at Colby College, Maine, USA.

BBC Languages Spanish
A fantastic website. It includes an online course Talk Spanish, and the interactive mystery adventure set in Madrid: Mi Vida Loca. There are also quizzes, grammar, music, cultural information, and much more.

Listening | Comprensión auditiva

Spanish Listening
Watch and listen to Spanish speakers talk about a variety of interesting topics. Choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. Each video comes with transcripts and supplementary activities to check your comprehension.

Listen to how native speakers talk in unprepared, everyday situations including colloquial language, filler words, incomplete sentences speakers not completing their sentences etc. It is authentic and really gives you a feel for the country in which the speaker comes from.

Spanish fairy tales
Each fairy tale is narrated in Spanish and is between 5 and 15 minutes long in duration. A good listening resource for adults and children alike.

Speaking | Producción oral

Earworms (Volume 1)
200+ essential words and phrases that will get anchored into your long-term memory through music. Highly recommended for pronunciation and speaking practice. Volume 2 adds another 200+ words and phrases. These hyperlinks link to the accompanying PDFs. To borrow the audio CD(s) come and visit the LLC's Self-access Library.

Spanish Proficiency Exercises
Short monologues on a variety of topics and at a variety of levels from the University of Texas at Austin. Includes English and Spanish transcripts.

Reading | Lectura

Centro Virtual de Cervantes
Everything you need to know about the Spanish language and cultural events. Click here for short stories at three reading levels. There are also great vocabulary lists and interactive language learning activities.

Español con Carlitos
Build your vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Writing | Escritura

TypeIt in Spanish
Allows you to type a text in Spanish with accents. You can then copy and paste it into a Word document.

Search for words to see how they are used in a variety of sample sentences. You can also see the translations for these in your native language.

Grammar and vocabulary | Gramática y vocabulario

Level Tests
Before starting, check your level with these online tests.

Interactive exercises for beginners
To practise and revise grammar. Made by Deanne Cobb at the University of Regina in Canada.

A Spanish CALL Project
Manuel Soto Arrivi designed a whole website dedicated to the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures. Check the grammar, exercises and the culture sections for language practice.

Spanish Verb Conjugation Activities
Vocabulary Activities by book.

EL Conjugador
Excellent tool to revise or search verb conjugation. Creates a table across all tenses and forms, allows to export or print.

Culture and news | Cultura y noticias

Radio Televisión Española
For live television and radio. To view live television on your computer, click TVE en Directo on the left hand menu, or listen to live radio at RNE en Directo.

Cervantes TV
Contains Spanish language videos of interviews with literary and political figures, the arts, documentaries and more.

CNN en español
Audio and video in Spanish.

Euronews en español
Play clips of the latest international news in Spanish, also with the Spanish transcript below.

El pais (international), El mundo and 20minutos (Spain), La nacion (Argentina), La nacion (Chile), El pais (Uruguay), El universal (Mexico).

Dictionaries and reference | Diccionarios y textos de referencia
The world's most popular Spanish translation website. Over 1,000,000 words and phrases. Free. Easy. Accurate.
Find definitions, synonyms, and antonyms or even a translation of a word all on the same page. A great help with assignments.

Diccionarios Especializados y glosarios en varios idiomas
For the more specialised linguist, you will find most terminologies here, ranging from the olive oil industry to plastic surgery and seismology.

Spanish Wikipedia
A free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, with a range of articles about almost anything.