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Find online resources to help you learn and practise French.

Language learning hubs | Centres en ligne d’apprentissage de français

These websites offer a large variety of language learning materials across all skills and all levels of difficulty.

Bonjour de France
Reading, grammar, and vocabulary exercises and activities at all levels – use the CEFR headings (A1-C2) to choose the right level for you.

French links
A collection of links to French learning resources curated by Open Culture. A great list of free online French lessons, including lessons taught by international universities. Lots of video lessons and interactive activities.

Le français interactif
Multi-skill lessons for beginners and elementary level students developed by the University of Austin. Includes grammar, vocabulary, videos, and downloadable task sheets.

BBC French
It includes online courses, quizzes, music, and cultural information for beginner and intermediate learners! The online interactive video course Ma France is a bit dated but still provides good language practice for post-beginner and elementary level learners. (RealPlayer and Flash required for audio and video).

French lessons for beginners and elementary level learners, including audio with transcript, explanations of grammar points, vocabulary lists and quizzes.

Listening | Ecouter

Easy Languages
Listen to how native speakers talk in unprepared, everyday situations including colloquial language, filler words, incomplete sentences speakers not completing their sentences etc. It is authentic and really gives you a feel for the country in which the speaker comes from.

Apprendre le français avec TV5 Monde
Videos with listening comprehension and other accompanying exercises at all levels. Filter by level (A1-C2) and topic of interest. You will even find dictation exercises and a special webdocumentary series exploring everyday life in contemporary France through four people’s perspective.

News in easy French
Updated with fresh news items daily, these audio recordings come with transcription.

Radio France Internationale
Audio recordings with a focus on news and the world of Francophonie. Test your level of French first, then select level-appropriate materials.

News in slow French
Suitable for intermediate level (A2-B2) learners, fresh audio episodes are uploaded weekly with transcripts and English glosses of more challenging phrases. Additional activities and unlimited access are available via paid subscription.

Euronews en français
Play clips of the latest international news in French, also with the French transcript below.

Listen to live streaming radio from France, including a wide range of talk and music stations.

Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA)
France’s national audio-visual archives, featuring radio and television programming from the past on various themes and personalities. You can access a lot of material for free, but payment is required for complete access.

French fairy tales
Each fairy tale is narrated in French and is between 5 and 15 minutes long in duration. A good listening resource for adults and children alike.

Speaking | Parler

Earworms Volume 1
200+ essential words and phrases that will get anchored into your long-term memory through music. Highly recommended for pronunciation and speaking practice. Volume 2 adds another 200+ words and phrases. These hyperlinks link to the accompanying PDFs. To borrow the audio CD(s) come and visit the LLC's Self-access Library.

Reading | Lire

Language Guide Readings with audio [M]
Excerpts from literary works from elementary to advanced level, with audio option. Hide the text to set yourself a dictation exercise.

Ça m'intéresse
Website for the French magazine the LLC receives every month. Search the archives on this site for a topic then go into our Self-access Library to find the correct issue and read the complete articles.

Writing and vocabulary | Ecriture et vocabulaire

Writing letters and emails in French
A collection of set phrases for formal, informal, and business correspondence.

Search for any word or phrase and study them in context and their ‘parallel text’ in English– examples of use are drawn from a huge online database of writing. A great tool for checking prepositions and collocations, and weeding out any Anglicisms from your French writing.

Language Guide Vocabulary
Explore French vocabulary thematically – with audio providing help with pronunciation.

Grammar | Grammaire

Grammatically Correct
Designed for FREN101 and FREN102 - Revise your grammar through this set of grammar exercises covering what you need to know about terms and French grammar at A1 and A2 levels.

Language Guide Grammar Exercises
Explanations of grammar points with audio examples and corresponding practice exercises.

French Grammar (University of Texas)
Comprehensive online grammar with explanations in English, practice exercises, and pdf downloads.

Timed, fill-in-the-blank grammar exercises.

Le conjugueur
A quick-reference verb conjugation tool, conjugation rules, exercises, games, video tutorials in French.

Pronunciation | Prononciation

Practise telling apart and producing the sounds of French – vowels, consonants, liaison, tongue-twisters… and a lot more.

Dictionaries | Dictionnaires

Dictionnaire TV5 Monde
Useful free online dictionary from TV5Monde with French definitions, synonyms and antonyms, English translations, and even verb conjugation tables.

Le Dictionnaire
A useful monolingual French dictionary.

Le grand dictionnaire terminologique (GDT)
Provides definition in French, English translation, as well as an indication of professional areas where the term is used. Searchable by lexical domains. Created by the Quebec Office of the French Language (Canada).

Word Reference Dictionary
Dictionary with audio to help pronunciation and examples of use in a sentence in French with English translation.