Current research

Learn about the Chair in Digital Government's current research projects.

Current research projects include:

Successful projects in digital government

This research explores the factors and conditions of successful digital government projects. The work is an update of the 2012 study we undertook into benefits realisation, conducted for the Office of the Auditor-General. Since then, we can observe a rapidly changing environment, both technologically, institutionally and socially, and a continuing history of digital government projects that have failed. We explore six to eight case studies of successful digital government and aim to learn from their success.

Research topics

Digital inclusion, digital transformation; digital engagement; identity, privacy and security; governance and transparency; benefits realisation; managing digital government initiatives; access to government and digital inclusion; big data, algorithms, data analysis and changes in public policy; joined up government and information sharing; collaborative governance; public data management and open government; management of electronic public records; digital democracy.