Lex McDonald

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Senior Lecturer
School of Education

Academic Qualifications and Professional Qualifications

Trained Teachers Certificate, Diploma in Teaching, BA, Diploma in Educational Studies (Ed Psych), MA(School Psych)(Distinc), Adv.Dip.Tchg, PhD.

Lex obtained his academic and professional qualifications in New Zealand from the Christchurch Teachers College, University of Canterbury and Victoria University of Wellington. His PhD is in the area of training effectiveness related in particular to the Pacifica region.


Lex is currently the director of Psychlex Consultancy, a consultancy service for adults and children. He has had significant experience in education over the years including being a teacher, adviser for the NZ Department of Education, psychologist for educational agencies and a lecturer for the Wellington College of Education and Victoria University of Education. His specialist areas include working with students, teachers, parents and whanau to provide learning and behaviour support, counselling of children and adults and development of effective training programmes. Over the years he has provided advisory/consultation support to a variety of specialist learning support agencies including a  school for deaf, visual resource centre, special schools, special and experience classes, and  adjustment class. Furthermore, he has provided consultancy services for a range of educational, government and NGOs including the Ministry of Education, Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Polytechnic International, Parents Centre, parent advocacy groups, child and family guidance centres, drug rehabilitation centres, Cook Island Teachers College and the National University of Samoa.

Over the years Lex has published a number of papers and is a co-author of one book. The themes for these research projects include special education, inclusion, training effectiveness, cultural considerations in education, expressive arts as therapy, teacher motivation, collaborative consultation, professional development, and training Vs education development,

On numerous occasions Lex has worked and lived overseas including the UK, Cook Islands and Samoa. He has in recent years worked closely with the Faculty of Education of the National University of Samoa, which has a close relationship with the Victoria University of Wellington. This has involved working as a guest lecturer and working alongside staff to advise and assist with research and writing of papers for publication. This is an ongoing relationship.

Current Activities

Lex has a consultancy service providing support to adults and children who have personal, learning and behaviour concerns. Because of recent events, the residents of Christchurch have a significant need for psychological support. He is currently providing consultation to a tertiary college in Christchurch and counselling tutoring for their students. In addition to this, he is currently working with Faculty of Education lecturers from National University of Samoa assisting with the development a number of papers for publication. This includes:

  • Applied research project using expressive arts: The use of expressive arts to assist substance abusers as part of their therapy programme.
  • Research project assessing the understanding of teachers’ knowledge and use of behavioural strategies
  • A library-based research programme that synthesises the key teacher motivation factors.