Stephen Fox


  • PhD Victoria University of Wellington
  • MA University of Hawaii at Manoa


Category: Alumni


Homepage: Here

Areas of interest

Ethnocultural arts; Acculturation; Intercultural relations

Selected publications

Ward, C., Fox, S., Wilson, J., Stuart, J., & Kus, L. (2010). Contextual influences on acculturation processes: The roles of family, community and society. Psychological Studies, 55(1)

Fox, S. (2007). The Well-Being of Vietnamese refugees and immigrants in Hawaii. In J. Liu, C. Ward, A. Bernardo, M. Karasawa, & R. Fischer, (Eds) Casting the individual in societal and cultural contexts (pp. 225-240). Seoul: Kyoyook-Kwahak-Sa Publishing Co.


You can access Stephen's thesis here.