Elena Maydell

Elena Maydell


  • BTeach/BA (HONS) (Linguistics) Moscow, Russia
  • PhD (Psychology) Victoria University of Wellington


Category: Alumni

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Areas of interest

Cultural studies; Minority Discourse; Media and Communication; Qualitative research methods

Selected publications

Maydell, E. (accepted with revisions). Insider/Outsider Dilemma and Application of Theory in Autoethnography. Journal of Research Practice.

Maydell, E., & Wilson, M.S. (2009). Identity Issues and Challenges Faced by Russian Immigrants in New Zealand. Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Journal, 1(1), 103-127.

Maydell, E., Wilson, M.S., & Liu, J.H. (2009). Migration and Identity in the Era of Globalization: Identity issues for Russian-speaking immigrants in New Zealand. Progress in Asian Social Psychology, 7, 175-191.

Maydell-Stevens, E., Masgoret, A.-M., & Ward, T. (2007). Problems in Psychological and Socio-cultural Adaptation among Russian-speaking Immigrants in New Zealand. Social Policy Journal of New Zealand, 30, 178-198. MSD Publications

Invited chapters/research reports

Maydell, E., & Kobeleva, P. (in press). The Patterns of Adaptation and Identity Formation among Russian-speaking Immigrants in New Zealand. In E. Rudnikova (Ed.), Post-Soviet Migration in the Countries of the Asian-Pacific Region: Ethnicity, Identity, Adaptation. Vladivostok, Russia: Russian Academy of Science (in Russian).

Maydell, E., & Milfont, T. (2010). Analysis of Media Coverage of Severe Physical Abuse and/or Death and Sexual Abuse of Children in New Zealand Main Newspapers. Research Report for the Child Injury Prevention Foundation of New Zealand. New Zealand: Victoria University of Wellington.


You can access Elena's thesis here.