Engaging Oceania with Pacific Asia

Edited by Peter Cozens - NZ$20.00

Book - Engaging oceania with pacific asia

This volume contains revised versions of selected papers presented at the Council for Security Corporation in the Asia-Pacific (CSCAP) Study Group Conference titled Engaging Oceania with Pacific Asia held in Wellington, New Zealand on 24-25 August 2004. Several scholars, distinguished academics and other eminent individuals from within Oceania joined with their colleagues from a number of regional CSCAP National Councils to deliberate about tackling inter-regional security problems.

It was mainly an opening dialogue in engaging scholars to debate the connecting of Oceania with Pacific Asia into a wider security context. The chapters of this book therefore provide a stimulus for further debate and policy development about the prospects for security in Oceania and linkages with Pacific Asia.

First Published 2004.
ISBN 0-475-20108-6
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