An Asia-Pacific Security Crisis? New Challenges To Regional Stability

Edited by Guy Wilson-Roberts - NZ$25.00

Book - an asia pacific security crisis

This volume brings together papers from the fifth and sixth meetings of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific (CSCAP) Working Group on Comprehensive and Cooperative Security. The fifth meeting was held in Wellington on 14-15 July 1998 and was chaired by New Zealand in cooperation with the Working Group Co-Chairs from Malaysia and China. The sixth meeting was held in Beijing on 24-26 May 1999 and was co-chaired by New Zealand and China. The topic of the two meetings was the Asian Economic Crisis and its implications for the regional security structure.

The majority of the papers presented here address this theme. The other topics covered, from Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests to Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) for regional land borders, remind us that the economic crisis is not the only pertinent regional security issue. These papers are a timely contribution to the literature available on the economic crisis, particularly its effects on security, and how the crisis might be viewed in the context of regional security.

First Published 1999.
ISBN 0-475-20109-4
Paperback, 212p.