Awards and scholarships

View the wide range of awards, scholarships and prizes available to students in the Faculty of Law, and past winners.

Every year, the Law School awards prizes and scholarships to students in recognition of their hard work and talents. Many of the prizes are in the name of earlier alumni or staff and, in this way, the outstanding qualities of both the past and present are interwoven.

Visit the scholarships website for details of current scholarships and prizes, application forms and deadlines. There are two sections to visit. Scholarships page and Prizes page.

Dean’s List 2020

Congratulations go to the following students, who are included on the Dean’s List for academic excellence in 2020:

Phoebe Allan
Jack Apperley
Lauren Argyle
Maddy Ash
Caitlin Ashby
Portia Baine
Emerald Bendall
Maisy Bentley
Jordan Berry
Kathleen Best
Stella Bismark
Sam Bray
Alexandra Briscoe
Ella Brownlie
India Bulman
Sarah Burton
Lara Cable
Clair Caird
Anna Chambers
Sean Chan
Vijay Chand
Ben Clark
Matthew  Clark
Sam Coad
Sophie Colson
James Cowan
Aimee Cox
Charlie Cox
Louis Daysh
Finlay Dempster
Sophie Dixon
Anna Dombroski
Liv Donovan-Grammer
Sarah Downs
Aidan Economu
Seb Ellice
Phoebe Ellwood
Rebecca Farquhar
William Ferris
Devon Fisher
Hunter Flanagan-Connors
Claudia Green
Billie Haddleton
Emily Handyside
Patrick Hansen
Alana Harrison
Kate Haszard
Evie Henderson
Grace Henley-King
Cate Hensen
Michaela Hing
Grace Holden
Cait Hollywood
Lia Horsley
Caleb Houghton
Hannah Houghton
Alister Hughes
Toby Hunter
Rebecca Jacobs
Hannah Jones
Maddy Judd
Danielle Karl
Honor Kelly
Noah Kerbers
Rebecca Kimpton
Lothar Krumpen
Rosa Laugesen
Sarah Lawrence
Catharina Lee
Zack Limbrick-Jones
Collette Lochore
Jessie MacEwan
James Macey
Katie Mackenzie
Kris Main
Hanna Malloch
Alice Mander
Holly Manning
James McCrea
Pete McKenzie
Zach McLachlan
Jack McNeill
Anna McTaggart
Sera Milbank
Taran Molloy
Rhianna Morar
Ariana Morris-Cootes
Thomas Morrisey
Nicole Mossman-Young
Hannah Nathan
Zoe Nathan
Misha Nesbitt
Marcus Noakes
Catie Norman
Nisha Novell
Florence Oakley
Delaney Parfitt
Emily Polak
Chris Poole
Thomas Pope-Kerr
Danielle Rayner
Minna-Rose Reid
Megan Ritchie
Keir Robinson
Carys Robson
Cornelia Sartie
Hugo Schwarz
Rita Shasha
Krishant Singh
Navroz Singh
Tanmeet Singh
Sophie Stanhope
Jessica Sutton
Emily Thom
James Thyne
Ari Tracey
Claudia van Zijl
Natalie Vaughan
Karan Venter
Amelia Vincent
Etienne Wain
Caitlin Walker
Ciaran Ward
Ella Wells
Toni Wharehoka
Lydia Whyte
Millie Wilcox
Ebony Williams
Sam Wilson
Grace Windhager
Jess Ye
Philia Yeo
Hugo Young
Lucia Young
Michelle Zhou

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Prize winners for 2020 were:

  • A H Johnstone Scholarship in Law—Alexandra Briscoe and Alice Mander
  • Archibald Francis McCallum Scholarship in Law—Navroz Singh
  • Bernard Randall Prize in Family Law—Russell Busby
  • Chapman Tripp Prize—Jessica Sutton
  • Chris Highfield Memorial Prize in Judicial Review—Portia Baine
  • Chris Highfield Memorial Prize in Public Law—Claire Rees and Alice Mander
  • Coleman-Brown Memorial Award—Jessica Sutton
  • Colin Patterson Memorial Prize—Arielle Tracey and Seb Ellice
  • Faculty of Law Prize in Legal System—Misha Nesbitt
  • Flacks & Wong Prize in Company Law—Seb Ellice
  • Gordon Orr Prize—Beth Murfitt and Raukura Doyle
  • ILM Richardson Prize in Private Law—Kate Haszard, Natalie Vaughan and Pete McKenzie
  • John Miller Award in Social Justice & Community Devt-U/G—Alice Mander and Nisha Novell
  • Lord Cooke of Thorndon Prize—Alexandra Briscoe
  • NZ Law Review Prize—Alexandra Briscoe, Alice Mander and Alister Hughes
  • Quentin Baxter Prize in International Law—Taran Molloy and  Alexander Sinclair
  • Quentin Baxter Prize in Public and International Law—Wiliame Gucake
  • Robert Orr McGechan Memorial Prize—Taran Molloy
  • Sir Edward Taihakurei Durie Student Essay Prize—Elliott Harris
  • Sir John McGrath Distinguished Prize in Public Law—Charlie Cox
  • Thomson Reuters Prize in Jurisprudence—Arielle Tracey and Jack Liang
  • Thomson Reuters Prize in the Law of Contract—Alexandra Briscoe
  • Val Gormly Memorial Prize—Navroz Singh
  • VicBooks Award for Best Tutor—LAWS 121—Sapphire Petrie-McVean
  • VicBooks Award for Best Tutor—LAWS 122—Jono Sylvester
  • VicBooks Award for Best Tutor—LAWS 123—Natalie Gillies
  • VicBooks Award for Best Tutor—LAWS 211—Tom White
  • VicBooks Award for Best Tutor—LAWS 212—Ella Brownlie
  • VicBooks Award for Best Tutor—LAWS 213—Karan Venter
  • VicBooks Award for Best Tutor—LAWS 214—Riana Te Ngahue
  • VicBooks Award for Best Tutor—LAWS 301—Billie Haddleton
  • Victoria University Medal for Academic Excellence—Jessica Sutton