Awards and scholarships

View the wide range of awards, scholarships and prizes available to students in the Faculty of Law, and past winners.

Every year, the Law School awards prizes and scholarships to students in recognition of their hard work and talents. Many of the prizes are in the name of earlier alumni or staff and, in this way, the outstanding qualities of both the past and present are interwoven.

Visit the scholarships website for details of current scholarships and prizes, application forms and deadlines. There are two sections to visit. Scholarships page and Prizes page.

Dean’s List 2022

Congratulations go to the following students, who are included on the Dean’s List for academic excellence in 2022:

Nikki Anderson
Luke Andrews
Jack Apperley
Angelica Araboglos
Caitlin Ashby 
Emma Barnes-Wetere
Hannah Bautista
Sophie Beasley
Stella Beattie
Isabelle Becconsall-Ryan
William Bell-Purchas
Emerald Bendall
Jack Blackman
Alexandra Briscoe
Elisabeth Brown
India Bulman 
Lucy Campbell
Vijay Chand
Ben Clark
Jamie Clumpas
Eva Cochrane
Will Collins
Hattie Compton-Moen
Brendan Courtney
George Curzon-Hobson
Cody Dalton
Finn Davenport
Finlay Dempster
Anna Dombroski
Liv Donovan-Grammer
Jack Douglas 
William Ferris 
Hunter Flanagan-Connors
Jack Fogarty
Michelle Gauler
Hannah Giles
Xandi Gobbi
Zinzan Goertzen 
Kezra Gonzalez
Laura Goodman
Louise Goodwin
Shivaansh Gounder
Claire Graham
Olivia Greiner
Joy Guo 
Eve Hagenson
Paddy Hansen
Emma Hardy 
Cait Hollywood
Lara Hopkinson
Lia Horsley 
Darcy Houston 

Alister Hughes
Morgan Jakob
Sophie James
Grace Jeong
Lucy Jessep
Tessa Keenan
Carissa Khushal 
Rebecca Kimpton
Ruby Lange
Catharina Lee
James Macey
Alice Mander
Sameer Mandhan
Holly Manning
Cristina McCormick
Tayla McKenzie Bethell
Aranga Molijn
Ruby Moore
Noah Moores
Charlie Mudgway
Hannah Nathan
Olivia Overfield 
Helena Palmer
Lucy Poole
Thomas Pope-Kerr 
Ben Power
Jiya Raj
Chantal Rapley
Lucille Reece
Claire Rees
Megan Ritchie 
Jasmine Robinson
Carys Robson
Samantha Romijn 
Anna Schoonees
Leander Schubert
Hugo Schwarz
Rita Shasha
Ella Shirtcliffe
George Shirtcliffe
Eleesha Silva
Anna Smart
Antonia Smith
Nick Stevens
Emily Thom
Courtney Thomas
Amiria Tikao
Freya Turnbull-Kelly
Alisha Wathen
Grace Windhager 
Ryona Winwood
Holly Woolston
Philia Yeo

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Prize winners for 2022 were:

  • A H Johnstone Scholarship in Law—Florence Oakley and Megan Ritchie
  • A L Hollings Trust Award—Jimmy Mack
  • Archibald Francis McCallum Scholarship in Law—Anna Dombroski
  • Bernard Randall Prize in Family Law—Alexandra Briscoe
  • Chris Highfield Memorial Prize in Judicial Review—Jack Apperley
  • Chris Highfield Memorial Prize in Public Law— Sameer Mandhan
  • Coleman-Brown Memorial Award (Winner)—Gaby Burns
  • Colin Patterson Memorial Prize—Lucille Reece
  • Dan Winfield Memorial Prize in Intellectual Property— Ella Wells
  • Faculty of Law Prize in Legal System—Sally Coughlan
  • Flacks & Wong Prize in Company Law—Rebecca Kimpton
  • Gordon Orr Prize— Katie Wells
  • ILM Richardson Prize in Private Law—Anna Dombroski and Antonia Smith
  • Jacob Joseph Award—Rebecca Kimpton
  • John Miller Award in Social Justice & Community Devt-U/G— Safari Hynes and George Curzon-Hobson
  • Lord Cooke of Thorndon Prize—Florence Oakley
  • NZ Law Review Prize— Florence Oakley, Megan Ritchie and Emerald Bendall
  • Quentin Baxter Prize in International Law—Jacob Pritchard
  • Quentin Baxter Prize in Public and International Law—Anna Schoonees
  • Robert Orr McGechan Memorial Prize—Lydia Whyte
  • Sir John McGrath Distinguished Prize in Public Law—Maisy Bentley
  • Thomas Prize in Mooting - winner (1)—Thomas Pope-Kerr
  • Thomas Prize in Mooting - runner-up (2)—Patrick Ye
  • Thomson Reuters Prize in Jurisprudence—George Shirtcliffe
  • Thomson Reuters Prize in the Law of Contract—Emerald Bendall
  • Val Gormly Memorial Prize—Anna Dombroski