Prof. Huang's new book offers an engaging account on East Asia’s rapidly changing role in global politics


Prof. Xiaoming Huang's new book, International Relations of East Asia: Structures, Institutions and International Order examines East Asia’s rapidly changing role in international security, the global economy, development and global governance. In this much-needed, state-of-the-art text, Prof. Huang offers an engaging and informed account of the key concepts, issues and actors working in this area. Ranging from the region’s history, to culture and a comparative assessment of the region’s states, this text is informed throughout by a compelling theoretical framework.

In so doing, he unpicks the often complex relationships both at the domestic level and externally. Only with this understanding is it possible to make sense of the region’s complex relationships both internally and externally. Structured around key concepts in international relations of war and peace, economic development and increased contemporary security threats, this text offers an empirically-rich, engaging account of the changing fortunes of East Asia.