2013 News

  • Research assists rock lobster fisheries

    New Victoria research uses state-of-the-art genetic profiling to ensure continued sustainable management of New Zealand's lucrative rock lobster fisheries.

  • Eureka! winner

    Biology student scoops Eureka! award for young science communicators.

  • Eureka! symposium

    Biology student is among 12 of New Zealand’s best young science brains at the Eureka Symposium.

  • Little birds make big decisions

    Research at Victoria University is revealing new information about one of New Zealand’s smallest birds, the North Island robin.

  • New knowledge about deadly cancer

    New research at Victoria University could throw light on why some women develop one of the deadliest and most difficult to detect cancers.

  • Kiwi call perfect harmony

    A group of researchers at Victoria University studying the little spotted kiwi are uncovering surprising results about our national bird’s behaviour.

  • Expanding research in fisheries science

    A new position, which will build a specialised research programme to inform and support New Zealand’s fisheries industry, has been created at Victoria University.