Food Society

Food underpins society. Food unites people and cultures. Sharing food is a source of happiness and peace.

Food is the perfect way of procrastinating instead of studying for exams. As such, having a food society at the University is an essential part of our ever-growing understanding of food and cultures alike, and we will make sure that your procrastination-baking is appreciated by other students as well.

We aim to increase the understanding and appreciation of food and drinks ranging from student-budget friendly, seasonally prepared meals to the scientific intricacies of molecular cuisine. For this, we host workshops ourselves (yes, there will be food), organise potlucks (yes, there will be food), and will attend events and restaurants to learn about and appreciate the ingredients and the process of preparing meals as well as the final product.

Our goal is to build a community of mildly food-obsessed people and engage in and contribute to as many food-related events as possible.

Contact details

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