Showcasing Victoria's Antarctica expertise

Launching early 2017, Victoria’s first MOOCs will be available on the global edX platform will be Antarctica Online.

Led by Dr Rebecca Priestley and Dr Cliff Atkins from the Faculty of Science, Antarctica Online has already been delivered as a four-credit, 300-level online course within the Science in Society teaching programme at Victoria, and has also been run by Continuing Education at Victoria.

In 2014, Rebecca and Cliff spent 10 days filming lectures around Scott Base, McMurdo Station and Ross Island’s historic huts, and three days at an Antarctic Research Centre field camp in the Friis Hills, an area within the Transantarctic Mountains. In August 2016 they travelled to an international Antarctic conference in Kuala Lumpur, where they filmed new lecture material to illustrate the diverse range of researchers who study the continent.

“By transferring this course to edX, Victoria can dramatically increase the scale and reach of a globally distinctive and relevant course, while capturing people across the world who may not have access to this topic,” says Wendy.