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English as a Second Language

Find links for practising reading, writing, listening to and speaking English, as well as improving your grammar, vocabulary, and fluency.

We’ve collected web links with one goal in mind—to help you improve your English online. We regularly check them to make sure they are up-to-date and relevant. Remember though, the LLC has lots of offline practise materials for all language skills available in the Self-access Library and on LLC computers. Ask staff at the LLC counter. If you have any feedback on this website, we would love to hear from you.

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Find useful advice on techniques and strategies for reading English in an academic environment.


Find useful advice on improving your general writing and academic writing in English. Learn about essay structure, referencing, paraphrasing and much more.


Discover ways to improve your listening skills including online dictations, and general and academic listening resources.


Find useful resources to help you improve your general conversational skills or communicate in a professional setting. Learn how to deliver an effective present


Find resources for improving fluency in both your speech and your writing.


Find tasks related to the area of grammar you want to practise, and discover tools for helping you check your writing for grammatical and stylistic errors.


Build your vocabulary, improve your knowledge of words that often go together, learn more academic words and find online dictionaries.


Be better understood by pronouncing words correctly. Find online resources to help you with your pronunciation, intonation, pitch and sentence stress.