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Read the latest news stories from the Language Learning Centre.

  • This photo shows Victoria University of Wellington student of Chinese Sophie Liew interviewing a Chinese student.

    Why should Kiwis learn Chinese?

    To celebrate New Zealand Chinese Language Week at Te Pūtahi Reo the Language Learning Centre, 300-level Chinese language student Sophie Liew asks Chinese speakers from around Victoria University of Wellington 'why should Kiwis learn Chinese?' We hope our friendly interviewees will provide you with some encouragement to continue your Chinese learning journey or maybe get stuck in if you haven't yet started!

  • This picture shows a screenshot from the AOCC video.

    Introducing AOCC (Advanced Oral Communication Course)

    In July, senior Thai officials visited the English Language Institute to practice high level negotiation skills in English. At the Language Learning Centre we are always impressed by this intensive course’s creative use of language lab technology, and so with course coordinator Ann Devoy’s kind permission we would like to share part of the course’s methodology focussing on an impromptu speaking activity using our teaching lab software.

  • This photo shows the new LLC assistants.

    Here to help – our new assistants

    We would like to introduce our two new assistants who sit behind our counter providing a friendly first port-of-call for students and staff visiting the Language Learning Centre.

  • Taishukan graded Japanese e-readers are here!

    Konnichiwa minasan! The LLC and Library are pleased to be bringing you the first ever graded e-readers in any language, accessible through the Library website – the 36 books come at 6 different levels from starter to pre-advanced and offer interesting topics ranging from traditional folk tales to cultural differences in toilet etiquette.