Learning different frameworks

A love of Wellington and a desire to develop his career opportunities led Aaron Booker to Victoria University of Wellington’s Master of International Trade.

Aaron Booker

Aaron graduated from the University last year with a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Relations. He decided to stay in Wellington for postgraduate study, and considered completing his Honours degree in International Relations, but decided that the Master of International Trade would give him an opportunity to increase his knowledge in a variety of different disciplines.

“Studying across international relations, law and economics has been fantastic. I have found it especially valuable hearing staff from different faculties discuss the same issues, developing my understanding of how to apply different frames of analysis and making connections between them.”

While Wellington’s great coffee may have helped with early morning classes (“I definitely buy into all the hype about the coffee and craft beer in Wellington”), he says the highlight of the degree has been the chance to learn from both world-renowned teachers and specialists working in the field.

“I’ve enjoyed being able to listen to and talk with well-respected and experienced practitioners of international trade. Hearing their inside perspectives on how previous negotiations played out, and their expectations for the future, has been especially valuable.”

The breadth and diversity of the courses on offer has given Aaron a variety of skills that will stand him in good stead in future workplaces. Although he plans to specialise in international relations in his career, the wider economic and legal issues he has learnt about during his Master’s offer many potential career paths.

“My Master of International Trade gives me a solid understanding of the key economic and legal perspectives related to international trade, which will allow me to effectively co-operate and collaborate with others who specialise in those fields.”

Throughout his degree, Aaron has valued building collaborative relationships with staff and other students—and opportunity he recommends taking advantage of as a student.

“The open and collegial relationship with staff has felt more like a peer relationship than the student-lecturer relationship at undergraduate level. I’ve found classes very engaging. It feels like everyone really wants to be there and actively contribute to discussions.”