175 Years of Interpreting the Treaty of Waitangi

175 Years of Interpreting the Treaty of Waitangi


175 Years of Interpreting the Treaty of Waitangi
Legal, Historical, and Political Dimensions of Interpreting the Treaty Through Time

On 15 February 2016, the New Zealand Centre for Public Law hosted a symposium entitled 'Interpreting the Treaty over 175 years'. This symposium took a scholarly look at the various legal, historical, political, philosophical and policy dimensions of “interpreting the Treaty” through time. As 2015 was the 175thanniversary of the Treaty texts, it was timely to reflect on how these texts and the relations they evidence have been interpreted across time from 1840, with an acute eye to how those interpretations may have changed or adapted and in what circumstances.

Academics and researchers from New Zealand, Australia, and Canada with an interest in the Treaty of Waitangi or indigenous peoples’ issues more broadly were invited to participate in the symposium which was supported by the New Zealand Law Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

Keynote 1 - Professor Jacinta Ruru

‘The 175 year journey of Treaty of Waitangi inspired law’ Video here

Panel 1: Legal dimensions

Natalie Coates (Kahui Legal) Video here

Dr Carwyn Jones ‘Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Māori Visions of Law and Peace’ Video here

Keynote 2 - Professor Bain Attwood

‘Historicising the Treaty of Waitangi’ Video here

Panel 2: Historical dimensions

Associate Professor Saliha Belmessous ‘The Treaty of Waitangi in historical context’ Video here

Professor Michael Belgrave ‘The forgotten side of the Treaty: mana and conflict’ Video here

Keynote 3 – Professor John Borrows

‘Interpretative Frameworks in Treaty Interpretation’ Video here

Comment - Professor David Williams and Dr Ned Fletcher Video 1 & 2

Panel 3: Political and Constitutional dimensions

Associate Professor Kirsty Gover ‘The Treaty and Human Rights in New Zealand Law (and Why The UNDRIP Might Make Things Worse).’ Video here

Professor Mark Hickford Video here

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