LALS research funding success

Marsden Fund

Victoria Chen has secured a fast-start grant worth $300,000 for “Mountain or coast? Solving the Austronesian homeland puzzle”

Rachel McKee (with Sara Pivac Alexander, Miriam Meyerhoff and George Major of AUT) has secured a major grant worth $778,000 for “Signs of development: Sociolinguistic variation and change in New Zealand Sign Language in times of status change and globalisation”

Emily Greenbank has been awarded a two-year Rutherford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, to conduct research on “Refugee and migrant employable identities in action.” Further details on

Faculty Strategic Research Fund

A total of $112,168 has been awarded to the following four projects:

Anya Siyanova (with UK collaborators): “Frequency and predictability effects in developmental dyslexia”

Jean Parkinson: “Projecting an academic persona - Multimodal persuasion in science and engineering writing”

Meredith Marra (with Janet Holmes and Bernadette Vine): “Team interaction in evolving workplaces”

Sasha Calhoun (with Paul Warren): “City girl squawk – Socialising the biological code in intonational meaning”