Publications by Roger Robinson


Victoriana (ASP, Wimbledon, 1963; 1967)

Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh (Pan, London, 1976)

Poems for the Eighties (Wai-te-ata, Wellington, 1979)

Heroes and Sparrows (Southwestern, Auckland, 1986)

Katherine Mansfield: In from the Margin (Louisiana State Univ. Press, 1994)

The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature (OUP, Melbourne, 1998)

Writing Wellington (Victoria University Press, 1999)

Julius Vogel's Anno Domini 2000; or Woman's Destiny (Exisle, Auckland, 2000; Univ of Hawai'i Press, 2002)

Robert Louis Stevenson; His Best Pacific Writings (Bess Press, USA; Streamline, Auckland, 2003; Univ. of Queensland Press, 2004)

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"Samuel Butler and Antipodean Counterpoint," in James Paradis (ed.), Samuel Butler, Victorian Against the Grain (Toronto, Univ of Toronto Press, 2007)


Alistair te Ariki Campbell, Pocket Collected Poems (Hazard, 1996)

Ian Cross, The God Boy (Penguin Modern Classics, 2004)

H.G. Wells, The Food of the Gods (in press)

Major literary essays include articles in The Oxford Reader's Guide to Thomas Hardy (five essays), The Oxford Companion to the English Language, The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry , Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, New Dictionary of National Biography, and the Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature (more than 300), et al.

Also extensive sports writings, published internationally and translated into German, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, etc. Senior writer, Running Times magazine, USA.